How to Buy or Commission Art Work

Fanny and Dancer

Fanny and Dancer

You can shop in the online gallery in this blog. If you are interested in a specific painting or print you can contact me by phone 218-475-2538 or you can e-mail I will send you an invoice through PayPal. You can then pay through PayPal, by personal check (check must clear the bank before shipping) or Money Order.

Portrait commissions of both people and animals can be negotiated.  We can work out the project, the media, and negotiate cost to make it work for both of us. You can see examples of portraits in this blog by clicking animals or portraits.

Pricing for the giclee’ prints is a per square inch formula. Prints of the oils or acrylics are printed on canvas and then stretched on a frame. They look very much like the originals. Watercolors and pastels are on paper and need to be framed in the traditional matt with glass format. Giclee prints from watercolor or pastel art framed with glass are difficult if not impossible to tell from the original. If I don’t have the print on hand it would take up to three weeks to deliver depending on how we decided to accomplish the frame.

Pricing the originals is a lot more subjective. Each one has a different value according to the time put in and the way I personally value that particular painting.

Why Must I Be a Teenager in Love pastel 28 x 28 1980

Why Must I Be a Teenager in Love   pastel 28 x 28 1980










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