Self portrait with 45 and Stampin Kid

I am primitive.

I have been fashioned out of earth.

I am a renaissance man.

I am reaching for the sublime.

I am a romantic.

I linger in the wilderness before the light of dawn

My horse tethered close by.

I watch pieces of the fire soar to heaven joining the stars.

I am modern.

I believe help is coming.

I am postmodern.

I despair of my own abilities.

Human strength fails.

No help is coming from that quarter

J.R.  Lewis

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  1. jrlart says:

    I have taken a sabbatical from galleries lately.And lately
    I’ve sold more work online right here. I know I need to make it easier, so
    thank you for reminding me. More than half of the original artwork shown
    here is still available. And in the last few years I’ve made an effort to
    have scans made of everything so that I can make prints.

    Pricing for the prints is easy. It’s a per square inch formula. Prints of
    the oils or acrylics are printed on canvas and then stretched on a frame.
    They look very much like the originals. Watercolors and pastels are on
    paper and need to be framed in the traditional matted and framed format.
    They also look very much like the originals. It would be hard to tell
    which one was the original.

    Pricing the originals is a lot more subjective. Each one has a different
    value for me according to the time put in and the way I personally value
    that particular painting.

    If you are interested in a specific painting or print you can contact me by

    218-475-2538 or you can e-mail jrlewis@boreal.org

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