Fecundity acrylic 18 x 20"

Fecundity acrylic 16 x 20″

We had a productive garden last summer. A couple of years ago my wife, Kathy, bought a packet of 10 sunflower seeds for three dollars at our local Buck’s Hardware. The plants struggled into the summer but grew to an astonishing eight or 9 feet tall. They were an inspiration in our garden. All 10 blossomed with one flower and each flower contained (I looked it up online, not attempting an accurate count) 800 to 1200 seeds. Rounding this to an average of 1000 seeds in each flower, that means we have the potential of 10,000 plants come next spring.

These plants portrayed a violent lust for life in the velocity of growth and giant stature. They became the royalty of the garden displaying pointy leaves and ponderous, golden crowns always focused on the sun.

Van Gogh painted sunflowers. I decided to do my own interpretation. The flower in the painting is approximately life-sized. The painting is 20 x 16″ acrylic.

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2 Responses to Fecundity

  1. Kathryn says:

    It is the task of artists to help us see our world differently. The phrase “violent lust for life” jarred me just enough to do that, as I’ve never applied that concept to a living thing with no brain. Thanks for your images AND for your words, Joel. Two Qs: did you work from a photograph? Is it for sale? Wait, there’s a third Q: would you ever make a life-size tall skinny one, eight feet?

  2. jrlart says:

    Thank you Kathryn, From looking at the plant I got the same inspiration/revelation. Since then I have painted a quartet of sunflowers all the same size (15.5 x 20″). They are all for sale and I can make prints. I’ll post the other paintings this coming week.

    I like the idea of the 7 foot tall life-size portrait of a sunflower. I’ll do it anyway, but is this a commission?

    I lost my computer last fall. It crashed. I couldn’t get this art blog to work until just 10 min. ago and saw your comment. Sorry for the delay.

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