Lost 7th Cavalry Scout

…“It’s mostly bones we’re riding over, anyway.  Why think of all the buffalo that have died on these plains.   Buffalo and other critters too.  And the Indians have been here forever; their bones are down in the earth.  I’m told that in the old country you can’t dig six feet without uncovering skulls and leg bones and such.  People have been here since the beginning, and their bones kinda fill up the ground….” Larry McMurtry  ‘Lonesome Dove’

It strikes me as rather arrogant to say that we own a piece of ground.  We walk around on the earth for a short time. Our bones will lie in the earth for a long time.  From this prospective it may be more accurate to say the earth owns us.  Today we are walking on someone’s bones. Someday some new people will be walking on our bones. The thought is humbling, as it is true, and there is a certain unpleasantness about the topic with a natural temptation to avoid it. However, the meditation may help us to better appreciate the lives of those who have gone before us, and more fully value the short life we have been given to walk on the earth.

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